About Us

Hi! ¡Hola! We are Sandra and Francisco. We are a perfect example that dancing connects people. Yes, you are right: we met in a salsa class!

Sandra started dancing when she was a teenager. She begun with learning traditional Polish folk dances in her home town taking an example of her mum, who is a folk dancer. Then she turned to ballroom dancing in two biggest dance studios.

During that time she had many opportunities to perform on stage and participate in contests. That was the moment when she fell in love with Latin rhythms. However, Cuban salsa had to wait until Sandra discovered it. During studying at university she attended LA salsa classes but something was still missing.

In 2008 she decided she would give rueda de casino classes a try… And she felt that was a revelation! From that moment she tried to learn as much as possible and improve her dancing skills. It wasn’t an easy task, as there were no casino classes around at that time.

However, after mastering the basics of casino, Sandra tried to take part in as many Cuban salsa workshops and festivals as she could, learning from many Polish teachers as well as Cuban masters attending such events as Festival Cubano (Bielsko-Biała, Poland) or Bachaturo (Warsaw, Poland).

When she arrived to Edinburgh in 2014 there was no possibility to leave dancing addiction behind and that was when she joined salsa community and became an active dancer, teacher and promoter of Cuban culture.

There was no way back! From that moment there were even more workshops and congresses. What she appreciates in Cuban salsa is its diversity and energy. It is so unpredictable and playful as well! Learning about the whole specter of Cuban dances is what she enjoys the most and never has enough of.

She is trying to expand her knowledge and dancing abilities within many styles such as son, cha cha cha, rumba guaguancó, pilón, orishas and so forth and it is always a great joy for her.

Sandra believes that treating dancing as an element of culture and heritage helps her to be a better dancer. And the true depth, authenticity and richness of Cuban dances is what made her fall in love in them.

Francisco’s salsa journey started after he went to Cuba in 2013. He visited various places on the island and discovered the diversity of the culture of the Pearl of Antilles. The fascination grew and in 2014 he decided to join salsa classes (that was a bull’s eye!) and this is when he met Sandra.

He enjoyed learning salsa and became a diligent student; with the vigilant eye of Sandra (now his girlfriend) he quickly learned the basics of salsa and later, putting a lot of effort into practicing and dancing socially as much as he could, became a reputable dancer (and a rueda de casino caller, too!).

What is more, he loved the community feel of the salsa scene in Edinburgh and and the social aspect of dancing. After some time he realised that he would like to help other people in their salsa journey and started teaching.

In 2017 Sandra and Francisco went to Cuba together (which was Sandra’s biggest dream) and danced practically all the time – nothing compares to dancing in La Habana.

What Francisco claims to be the most important in dancing is following the rule: “It’s a party – let yourself go!” and enjoying yourself on the dance floor no matter your level or even if your moves are not entirely perfect.

His spontaneity and smile are extremely contagious and make him a desirable dancer. You will see him dancing the night away at every possible Cuban fiesta, especially if the DJ plays some timba track.

It was the passion to dance that brought us together. And we love to share this passion with other people: that is the reason why the idea for starting Baila Escocia was born.

Get ready to not only learn how to dance salsa but also make lots of friends and experience something beautiful and life-changing which only dancing can be.

We hope that you would like to go join the adventure of discovering Cuban culture which fascinates us so much and go on to this journey with us.